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Hi! I'm so glad you could join me here! My plan is to use this space as a place to share all my inspirations with you--from graphic design to weddings, to all the things I come across that I just have to share. Hope you get some inspiration from these things too!

Corporate Design

With years of experience in corporate communications, I have created a wide variety of business communications materials, including logos, advertisements, brochures, newsletters and business cards. I've even designed corporate party invitations and put together entire events. If you need someone to both write and design for your business, I can help!

Contact me for professionally designed and written communications with a quick turnaround. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wedding Design

So you're having a wedding! That means you have lots of details to consider, bows to tie and ribbons to cut. I can help!

All the time-consuming projects that come with weddings are my specialty. Whether you have an idea what you want (and just need someone to do it) or you're starting completely from scratch. I can give your wedding the handmade touches that make is so special and so totally yours!

Contact me for your programs, place cards, table numbers, welcome gifts, favors, birdseed packages and any and all decor items for your event.

About Karie Hampton

Karie Hampton is a communications professional with a passion for graphic design and a love of paper, scissors and glue. She combines her love for design with a master's degree in English to produce a wide variety of business communications materials. Karie has also created suites of wedding-related items both professionally and for family and friends. Her professional, can-do attitude and great results will keep you coming back!

Karie lives outside Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and three spoiled dogs. She spends most of her time enjoying family and friends and feeding her addiction to design and wedding blogs.